The truth behind weight loss may not be always what you see at the face value. In reality, there is no diet plan to suit everyone’s dream of weight loss. The weight loss diet plan is not the one type that suits all kinds of things. The effectiveness of a diet plan largely depends on your preferences, your lifestyle and body type. You might have great results for a specific one, while others will merely be frustrated & fail for the same.

We all know that weight loss is directly related to diet changes! But there is great confusion among a person as to which is the best diet plan for weight loss. And due to this reason, they become uncertain about which one is continual, convenient & effective. Different diet plans have different delivery; some are for craving control, while others work for calories, and so on.

Here is the list of 7 best diet plans for weight loss. Check it out!

1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a term for various meal timing schedules that cycle between voluntary fasting and non-fasting over a given period. There are three methods of Intermittent fasting – alternate day fasting, periodic fasting, and time restricted feeding. It may be similar to a calorie restriction diet. Intermittent fasting may lead to weight loss, reduce insulin resistance, and lower the risk of cardiometabolic diseases. While following Intermittent fasting, there will be a restriction on the time of your meals; as a result, your calorie consumption gets reduced. It is proven to be an effective diet plan to lose weight, as compared to other methods.

2. Plant-Based Diet

Another quick weight loss diet plan is a plant-based diet. People struggling with weight loss can follow this plan, which is proven to be helpful in many points. Most of the plant-based weight loss diet plan includes vegetarian diet and avoidance of all non-vegetarian items like meat, fish, eggs, etc. How it benefits a person’s health is by helping in weight loss, due to its rich fiber content. You will feel fuller with this diet plan. Consequently, you will get a prevention aid from severe diseases like cancer, heart disease or many others. There are many reasons behind the regulation of animal products in this specific diet plan, which somehow contributes to loss in weight.

3. The Mediterranean Diet

This type of quick weight loss diet plan is specifically designed to provide many health benefits including weight loss, heart health, brain health and avoidance from many diseases. What to eat to lose weight in such a diet plan is fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seafood, etc. What you have to avoid in this particular diet plan is Trans fat, processed meats, sugar, and highly processed foods. As this diet includes consumption of anti-oxidant rich food, you will get an escape from tenderness & stress.

4. The Dash Diet

This diet plan to lose weight fast is specifically designed to help or prevent high blood pressure. Basically focusing on consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains, containing nutrients like potassium, calcium & protein and restricts fat, added sugar, etc. Your intake of salt gets reduced which ultimately reduces heart diseases. A perfectly balanced diet and can be followed for the long term! Why you should choose this for weight loss is due to the fact that it is a heart-healthy diet plan & is full of nutrition.

5. WW (Weight Watchers)

Not only weight loss, but this diet plan also focuses on uplifting and improving the healthy living and well-being of a person. Being one of the popular diet plans, it doesn’t restrict any food group and a person can eat as per their weight management plan. This plan actually works in losing weight and assigns every food & beverage a point value, based on its nutrition.  Weight watcher diet plan provides protein, carbs, fat, and other nutrients, and most importantly, you can eat what you want in your diet. It simply means you will get the flexibility to shape your own diet.

6. The Volumetric Diet

This diet plan is more of an approach to eating than it is a structured diet. If you want to eat a lot while losing weight, this diet is for you! The list includes low-calorie food like fruits & vegetables. Dieting is not necessarily meant starving; you can keep yourself full of high water content food. Fewer calories, but still healthy & filling! Again there are no limitations related to your food, but you can fill your stomach with healthy foods. There is no such food prison, but you have to live on fruits, veggies & soups.

7. Low-Carb Diets

What comes under this category is the keto diet, high fat diet, Atkins diet, low-carb, which are quite favored diets for weight loss. Such diets work on restricting your carb absorption in favor of protein & fat. It is rich in protein as compared to the low-fat diet, and protein is highly essential to restrain your cravings, improving metabolism, and maintaining muscle mass. By restricting your carb absorption, this diet plan encourages your body to use fat as a fuel. A proven to be an effective weight loss diet plan!

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